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How to purchase products on Blackroids and how to use rewards and cashback

In order to purchase on Blackroids or to become a sponsor you first need to be a registered user, you can not place any order as a guest (without a registered account).
You can create an account during checkout process while placing an order, or anytime from this page.

All you have to do is to choose a username, write your email address, and choose a strong password that you will remember or keep safely. Note that your username will be publicly displayed if you write a comment or a product review later, so choose it according to your privacy wishes.

Once registered, you will be redirected to your account dashboard.

From there you can see and edit all your data and information, see your orders, your loyalty and rewards, know your virtual wallet balance and history, earn money and rewards by sponsoring Blackroids, and so much more…

You can access your account dashboard anytime by clicking at the top link “My Account” available on every page of the website. If you are logged out, you will be asked your username and password to login again. For safety and privacy, when you completed your purchases, you can logout by clicking on the “Logout” link at the top of the website. This logout will keep all your data until your next login, it doesn’t close your account but only terminates the session.

Every new customer who registers on Blackroids, receives a welcome gift of 3€ (or equivalent in $ / £) in his account virtual wallet.
If you come on Blackroids from a referral email or link (affiliate/sponsoring), you will also get a special 5% discount coupon to use on any order, valid only once.
We will explain later how to use your Virtual Wallet and your discount coupons.

For a better experience on our website, we recommend you to register first (if not registered yet), and to browse Blackroids being logged in. As a logged in visitor you can easily save products to your wishlist as explained later, but also earn 20% cashback on your purchases and get exclusive features.

How to purchase on Blackroids?

First, be aware that on Blackroids, you can purchase products from several warehouses around the world, but some of these warehouses have shipping restrictions and can not ship in some countries due to custom regulations or laws.
On the shop page, you can see on top of each product image, the name of the Warehouse “SHIPPING FROM…” and just below it, a link to display this warehouse shipping conditions “SEE SHIPPING DETAILS” without leaving the page (popup window).

Do not worry, any product that can not be shipped to your country will show an alert in your cart before checkout.

On the shop pages you can find a filter that helps you filtering products according to what you are looking for. Products are filtered automatically as soon as you click on an attribute. You can clear the filter choices by clicking on clear, all the products will then be displayed again.

On the right of any page, you can see a currency selector to display all prices in your favorite currency. We actually offer €(EUR), $(USD), £(GBP). All our prices are set in €(EUR) and others currencies are conversions at the actual official exchange rate. You can switch currencies anytime without impact in our system.

On every product you can see its price (regular and sale price if on sale), the percentage you save if any temporary discount on this product, and the amount of cashback you will earn by purchasing this product. The cashback is the amount you will get rewarded in your account virtual wallet, that can be stacked, used anytime for next purchases, or even be withdrawn in BTC in you reached the amount of 1,500 € (or equivalent in $ / £).

By clicking on a product you can see this product page with all useful information about it.

On single product page you can see the product ingredients, concentration, description, laboratory test report if available, shipping conditions, and a lot of recommendations like why to use this product, the dosage we recommend and how to use it. You can also see products reviews that people who purchased the product written. You can also write review there for product you already purchased only.

When you add products to your cart you can see its content in the side cart by clicking on the basket icon on the right of the page.

From this side cart you can remove some products or click on view cart to go to the cart page where you can see more information before going to checkout, and then check if every product you added can ship to your place.

On the cart page, you can see for each item where it can or can not ship. You can also change each item quantity, but remember to click on UPDATE CART to validate any change and get the cart total updated.

Under the cart products overview, you can see all the coupons available for your account. If you first registered your account using a referral link or email, you will see your 5% discount coupon there. Simply click on USE COUPON to use it for this order, or keep it for later.

Under the cart products overview, you can see the rewards you will get with this order. You can see how much this purchase will credit in your virtual wallet, but also how many points you will get. Cashback can be use later for pay your orders or as a withdraw, while loyalty points will give you badges and special rewards like free shipping or free products, since you reached the minimum requirements.

In your cart totals, you can see a shipping section where you have to set your shipping country. If you already registered a shipping address it will be used but if you never set it or if you want to ship this order to another country please set it up here and click UPDATE to update this shipping country to the actual session.

Depending on the products in your cart and the shipping country you just selected above, you will not be able to see the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button if any product can not be shipped to this country. Remove the highlighted (red alert on cart items) products from your cart until you can see the button and go to the next and last step (checkout).

On checkout page you can fill every required fields about your billing and shipping addresses. You can still add a coupon there if you own any and forgot to use it on the cart page. You can also login from this page or register if not already logged in or registered on Blackroids.

You can add shipping notes if needed, for example some special shipping or delivery requirements.

Below that, you can see a last cart overview, please check twice your order content before submitting and proceed to payment.

Just above the checkout product overview, you can see your Virtual Wallet balance, and you can use it to partially or fully (if enough amount available) pay your order.

Under the order review you can choose the payment method you want to pay your order with. You can pay your order with your virtual wallet (if enough money available in your virtual wallet), or by BTC (Bitcoin). If you want to pay by credit you can select Bitcoin payment since we will tell you on the next step how to pay your order in Bitcoin using a credit card.

For more details about how to pay on Blackroids, please read our How to pay tutorial (also available on payment page).

After you place an order on Blackroids, you will receive a confirmation email with your order details. Note that we will not ship your order before we get your full payment for this order. Since Bitcoin transaction may take from minutes to hours to be confirmed, please wait for our payment confirmation email to be sure your order has been successfully placed.

Once your order will be shipped to you, we will send you an email with the tracking number.

My account:

Once logged in, as explained earlier, you can access your personal account dashboard.

On the main dashboard page, you can see:
– your Virtual Wallet balance,
– the badges and loyalty levels you unlocked,
– all coupons available for you,
– send sponsorship emails to your friends (and get 15% of their every orders),
– your sponsorship link if you want to promote Blackroids (and get 15% of your referrals every orders),
– your virtual wallet history.

You also have several tabs in your account dashboard where you can edit your profile, change your billing and shipping addresses, change or reset your account password, see all details about your loyalty and rewards.

Of course you can also see your orders history and check every order status.

In case you have any issue with our website or any order, you can also submit a support ticket and follow it from your account dashboard.

Welcome on board and good shopping with Blackroids!

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