FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can find the answers to frequently asked questions about steroids or our website.


Since we are shipping from multiple warehouses across the world, we are still able to deliver in most of the countries, but due to extra controls and safety measurements, shipments may take more time than usual. We hope you can understand, so please kindly be patient.

All our warehouses are professional and serious about COVID-19 pandemic, and employees are educated to sanitize every shipping.


Yes, you need to sign up to place an order and receive it smoothly and securely.

Registration is free and very easy, and will save you a lot of time on your next purchase. With a Blackroids account you also get huge benefits from our referral, badges and cashback programs.

You can create a new account by clicking on the "login/register" or "my account" links in the top bar of our website.

You can also create an account at checkout step while placing an order.

All information is protected by SSL and is not shared with anyone else than our staff members and our suppliers.

We pay a particular attention to your personal data safety. We are using the most safe and secure technologies on our website to always protect all your sensitive data. We use secured SSL protocol on our site, and all servers are located in safe and responsible infrastructures.

If you’ve lost your password just click the “Forgot your password?” link on the My Account / login page. Enter the e-mail address associated with your account and we will mail you a new password. If you don’t receive that e-mail within a few minutes, please check your junk mail folder or spam folder. Some e-mail programs may mistakenly route your confirmation e-mail. We recommend that you add Blackroids.com as a safe sender to ensure proper e-mail delivery. Please contact us in case you still do not receive emails from us.

For simply change your actual password on Blackroids, just go on your account dashboard once logged in, and click on the "My Profile" tab. From there you can change your password.

To delete your account, simply contact our customer support by opening a ticket. They will delete it entirely from our server within 48h. Note that after your account and all your data deleted, you will not be able to use your Virtual Wallet or any reward linked to your deleted account.
Since our domain name, our website and some emails may contains words sometimes used by massive mailing, our emails may be flagged and moved to the SPAM/JUNK folders of your mail box. Please check in it and consider adding our email address to your whitelist.
For ensuring the most secure website to protect your personal data and all features, we use powerful security tools that may sometimes not properly interact with your browser, device, VPN or DNS settings. Please try again using another device or in another location, and contact us from there to ask us for some help.

Your account details and any order details are available on your account dashboard. As a security measure, we may purge orders sometimes. You can contact us for any previous order information that you can not find on your order history.


There are several ways to find a product on Blackroids. You can browse all our products from the shop page available by clicking on our logo on top of every page.

On every page displaying products you can use the dynamic product filter on top of the page on mobile devices and on the left sidebar if you are using a desktop or laptop. This filter lets you find the category, brand, warehouse, substance or even effects to quickly find what you are looking for. You can also use our advanced search field to look for any keyword and see a list of products containing it.

You can also use the main navigation menu to display all products from a chosen category, warehouse, or brand.

Since we are shipping from and to several locations in the world, you can also use our country selector available on top of every product archive, to show only products than can be delivered in your country.

We are a passionate team involved into AAS and we love to help and give advice to beginners or to share about the best practices for best results. You can ask our AAS professionals, pro athletes and competing bodybuilders for FREE advice here.

If you want to get advice from our experts on how to use our products and how to plan your cycle, please simply ask us using our dedicated form here for FREE. Fill the information properly so we can do our best to give you the most accurate advice in the shortest delays.

We are currently shipping from more than 10 warehouses across the world to ship from. Each of our warehouses have different brands, shipping costs and countries restrictions.

On every product of our store you can see its brand and the warehouse it is shipping from and where it can or cannot be shipped. Depending on the country where you expect to be delivered, you can choose and remember the warehouses and brands that are fully available for you. On every shop page you can use our country selector to display only products that can ship to you.

Stocks depend on each product and warehouse so we can not give you any exact restock date, but most of our products are regularly restocked, usually within a few days. You can ask us for further information or to ask us to be notified once the item is back in stock by opening a ticket. You can also use our products filter to look after a substitution product that may be available through another warehouse, by simply clicking on the substance you are searching for.
We are always in research on the market to find and add more items. If you are looking for some products we are not offering yet, or if you want us to check your brand or warehouse, please open a ticket with some details.
As you can see on our shop pages, most of our listed products are lab tested and the reports are made available to you on our website. All tests reports from well-trusted HPLC and microbiological analysis are available by clicking on LAB TEST REPORT buttons on the shop page, or in the dedicated tab in the product page.
We always pay a particular attention to our suppliers lab test reports. However you should understand that any drug has its own risks and can be dangerous if taken incorrectly. We strongly recommend you to read each product instructions and to consult your doctor to check your health condition before taking any treatment and starting any cycle.

Since we do not have our own brands but are direct distributor for manufacturers, we recommend you to check on manufacturers' website directly.

Some manufacturers are giving a page where you can check that the products you purchased are authentic, but note that verification systems often present malfunctions.

If your verification has failed, you can e-mail them directly on their official site and ask them to confirm the authenticity. You can first get links to some of these manufacturers on our ABOUT US page.

You can see product reviews on every product page, in its dedicated REVIEWS tab. Reviews are always welcome so we will be grateful if you can help people to know how much you love this product. Note that to avoid fake reviews, only users who purchased a product can rate and review it. If you submit a review, please keep in mind that we reserve the right to moderate it before it appears to ensure no illegal or offending content is submitted.


You can browse our shop pages and add products to your shopping cart by clicking on ADD TO CART on the product you want to order. Once you added all the products you want in your cart you can check it and update quantities from the CART page. You can finally PROCEED TO CHECKOUT to get redirected on the CHECKOUT page where you can fill any information about you and where to get delivered. Finally, PAY NOW to place your order and get redirected to the payment page. For further details you can follow our CUSTOMER TUTORIAL.
No, there is no minimum order amount on our website.

We are currently shipping from more than 10 warehouses across the world to ship from. Each of our warehouses have different brands, shipping costs and countries restrictions.

On every product of our store you can see its brand and the warehouse it is shipping from and where it can or cannot be shipped. Depending on the country where you expect to be delivered, you can choose and remember the warehouses and brands that are fully available for you. On every shop page you can use our country selector to display only products that can ship to you.

You can see your orders history from your account, under ORDERS tab. There, you can see all your past orders but also VIEW, PAY or CANCEL an order until we receive payment. If you already paid your order you can not cancel it anymore but you can open a ticket as soon as possible for asking us to cancel it. In case we haven't ship your order yet, we can still cancel it, but we can't cancel any order that has already been shipped to you, even if you didn't get delivered since your order is already on its way.
If you would like to change your order content (add or remove some products), and until you sent us your payment, you can cancel your order and place it again with all your desired changes. You can also change your billing or shipping address anytime from your account dashboard under the ADDRESSES tab, but you can not change any address for an order you already placed, even if not fully paid yet. In such case, please open a ticket as soon as possible, so we can check with you if we can still change any detail from your order before it is shipped to you.
We are always checking for our payment and order management system to be working with maximum security and reliance. However, some errors can occur during your order process and its payment, for any technical reason such as security tool or network error. If you observed any error during checkout or if you think something went wrong, you can open a ticket so we can check together that all was done as it should.
Our website already gives you 20% cashback on every order you place, and some brands and warehouses often gives you 20% to 30% additional discount. We can not offer better conditions at the moment but if you want to bulk order and get special price, please open a ticket so we can study your requirements and expectations.


When placing your order you will be offered 2 payments methods at the moment. Bitcoin (BTC) with or without Credit Card, and Virtual Wallet (if enough funds available in it).

If you do not have enough funds in your Virtual Wallet to pay your order, you have to choose Bitcoin payment. By placing your order with Bitcoin payment selected you will be redirected to our payment page that gives you all information and explanations for such payment.

If you already know how to pay with Bitcoins (and if you actually own some), you can simply send the amount displayed on this payment page to the BTC wallet given there. Please only send Bitcoin there since all other currencies will be lost.

If you don't own Bitcoin yet but want to pay by Credit Card, you can follow our tutorial on the payment page to learn within a few minutes how to purchase Bitcoin with your credit card and directly send it to us to pay your order.

Since Bitcoin exchange rate can change fast, we set a time limit before your actual amount to be paid needs to be refreshed. So if you took too long to send us the right amount to pay your order, it will be automatically asked to refresh the page, and the Bitcoin value will be updated.

In case you can not figure out how to proceed, please open a ticket so we can help you in every step.

Bitcoin (BTC) grown up a lot since its beginning, and even if it was a uncommon payment method for a while, it became very popular since the last few years. BTC payment is safe, fast and anonymous since it doesn't belong to any bank and it is outside the control of governments. Most of businesses are now offering Bitcoin payment and more are adding this option to their websites everyday.

On Blackroids you don't have to confirm any payment while many other websites ask for it. Indeed, our payment solution is automatically watching the blockchain to update your payment status in real-time. Just send the right BTC amount and your order will be automatically processed once our wallet got credited.

Keep in mind that to ensure this works perfectly, a dedicated wallet address is created for every order, so please only use the wallet address given for each order and never re-use any previous wallet address for your next orders.

Any Bitcoin transaction can take from minutes until a few hours to be confirmed and fully completed. Our system will confirm to you by email as soon as the payment is received so please be patient and allow a few hours to get it confirmed. If you think something is taking too long or if you think there was an issue during payment please open a ticket so we can check it together.
Even if BTC is very easy to use, it may seem complicated at first sight. Please follow our payment tutorial first, and open a ticket only if you still need further explanation.

Based on new technology Blockchain system, Bitcoin is considered as an Internet currency, this innovative system is open source, with secure transaction, paying with Bitcoin is a flawless process.

Be aware that Bitcoin storage must be taken seriously, some security issues may happen if you are not doing it properly.

Since Bitcoin (BTC) is stocked on a digital process, there are always risks to get hacked or lose data.

Also the high volatility of crypto-currencies should be taken in considerations, but don't worry BTC is still the safest option compared to conventional payment methods. 

Please stay informed with what is the future of money, it will help you to eliminate all risks related to BTC:

  • - Use if possible a hardware wallet to store your Coins, like Ledger Nano or Trezor, it is a bad idea to store them on an exchange
  • - High volatility can be avoided by exchange your Bitcoin into a Stable-Coin, like USDT or USDC or any stable coin available, they have always the value of 1 USD, by doing so you are protected against the volatility risk and you can change back to Bitcoin when you are ready to make a purchase. However, for long term hold or trading purpose, this is not the the best option since Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the human history!


Once your order has been shipped to you, we send you an email with tracking number and details. You also get a link to track your shipping, often in real-time depending on the shipping provider. Tracking link is also available in your ORDER details in your account dashboard, under ORDERS tab, and finally VIEW the order you want to follow.

Please note that we are not tracking your shipping by ourselves and some shipping providers tracking systems are often poorly updated.

Since every warehouse we are shipping from have different shipping conditions, please refer to the right warehouse's dedicated page on our website.

Once your order is shipped by one of our warehouses we will add tracking number to your order and you will get notified by email. You can also see the tracking number in your account under ORDER tab by clicking on VIEW on the order you want to check.

In normal conditions, no shipping will be done without a tracking number, so if you see the status of your order is SHIPPED or PARTIALLY SHIPPED but didn’t get any tracking number then please let us now by opening a ticket. We will check it with you as soon as possible.

At the moment, we do not offer several options for shipping since we trust our warehouses that have years of experience regarding shipping. We let our warehouses choose for the best shipping service depending on your order and your delivery location.
Even if some of our warehouses sometimes ship through these companies, we usually don’t use them since they are strictly controlled by customs and seizures are much more likely to occur. We always choose the best shipping services so please just trust our warehouses experience.

The shipping costs depends on the warehouse you are shipping from. Of course if you place an order containing products from several warehouses you will still have to pay shipping cost for each one. That’s why we recommend you to pay attention and try to buy all your products from the same warehouse (when possible).

You can check the shipping cost on the warehouse dedicated page on our website or on every single product page under the shipping tab. There is no weight or size limitation for shipping costs, so you will have to pay the same shipping costs for any order.

We can not accept or offer discount for shipping cost even if you order a single product. In the same idea, you will not be charged more if you order a large quantity of products from a warehouse in a single order.

Since every warehouse we are shipping from have different shipping conditions, please refer to its dedicated page on our website. In general, a few days are required to prepare and ship your order, and from a few days to 1 or 2 weeks for you to receive it, depending on the shipping route, customs clearance, and special times or seasons.
Since every warehouse we are shipping from have different shipping conditions, please refer to its dedicated page on our website. If your country is not included in the countries a warehouse is shipping to, we are unfortunately not shipping there. You can use our country selector on the homepage to see if there are warehouses shipping to you country. If no product appears, it means we can not ship any product to you at the moment.
Sure, you can and should use your real name on address to ensure you get delivered. We can not be made responsible for undelivered package due to wrong or insufficient name or details in the shipping address your provided. In such case, if your order is lost or not delivered, you will not be eligible for any reship or refund.
Tracking system is often not up to date or might take a few days for your tracking information to be available online depending on the shipping provider in charge of your order. If you think something on your tracking is not normal, you can contact us for asking for some help. Anyway, please be patient, your order is most of the time on its way.
Since the provider’s tracking numbers are often poorly updated, it can often display this kind of alerts while your order is already on its way. In general, shipping is a matter of just a few days before it arrives to your delivery address. Please be patient, your package should arrive soon.
If your order has not arrived after 30 days from your first shipping information, please contact us so we can start an investigation with the carrier.
In case your missed your delivery, please contact your post office first or any service that may have left a failed delivery note in your mail box. Undelivered package are often kept for a few days in your local area by the carrier. So please check with them first before contacting us for any inquiry. Please do it as soon as possible since we are not able to retrieve any lost or returned package.
Most of the time, packages are returned because of wrong or insufficient delivery address was provided, or because you didn’t pick it up on time. We can not be held responsible for both cases and since we, unfortunately, cannot retrieve any returned package, your order will be lost. Please go as soon as possible personally check with your local post office or carrier office for trying to get it returned to you.
Yes we can ship and deliver your order to a PO/APO address. Simply put the right address and all instructions when placing your order.
Until your order has been shipped you might be able to change your delivery address. But since we may have already start the shipping process, please always contact us directly as soon as possible so we can manually check it with the shipping provider.
We always ship in neutral boxes and without mentioning the content of the package or any other information about our website or brands. Packages are discreet enough to protect it from any unnecessary attention.
We ship our orders without asking for a signature but some carrier or local post might ask you for one as a delivery guarantee. Please note that since your package has passed customs authorities inspection it can not be intercepted, scanned or treated in any unusual way so you can receive it without worrying about anything.
Your package may be held often 2 to 3 days for custom clearance procedure, but it sometimes takes up to 15 days or rarely more to be released. Unfortunately, we can not force or speed up anything at this stage so please kindly be patient and wait. Almost 100% of our shipping passed successfully so there is no need to worry, just wait.

We are in this business for several years and the worst that happened was basic seizure notice. It often happens that the name and address used for delivery are flagged to be checked for every future package going through customs, even sometimes domestic. So we recommend to never use again this name and address for any special order in the future.

We will reship every seized items as soon as you inform us and give us proof of the custom seizure.

Yes of course you can order again even if your previous order is on its way. But for any international shipping, since customs can check and flag your name and address anytime, we strongly advice you to use a different name and address until successful delivery. Once you get delivered you can use this name and address again.
Yes you can, but keep in mind that some warehouses can ship faster than others, and in case of international shipping, if customs seize one package, then your name and address will probably be flagged and customs will then check all future international packages using this name and/or address. That's why we strongly recommend you to tell us (in order notes at checkout) as many names and addresses as warehouses you are ordering from. Thanks to this we can all be sure that if one package is seized, all others won't fail and be seized as well. If you don't follow this recommendation, we reserve the right not to reship every seized package for free, so please understand and provide us with several names and address.
No you can't! Since customs has probably flagged both name and address, any future package coming from abroad will be surely checked by customs. That's why we strongly recommend you to tell us (in order notes at checkout) as many names and addresses as warehouses you are ordering from.
Nowadays, HGH / HCG are manufactured in a way that can resist up to 21 days to normal temperatures so we don’t ship it frozen anymore. Anyway, please refrigerate it upon receiving it.
Since some carriers have their office base there, your package may be labeled as sitting in California or another place where it should not be in the most logical route. There is no need to worry about non-direct route for your package.


First do not panic, there is no need to worry. Since customs seize thousand of packages every day they will not do anything else than notifying you, and your package will simply get lost and undelivered to you. Simply contact us and inform us about this and we will see together how to get this solved.

If you have not received your package after 30 days since its shipping notice and if there is no update on tracking information since a long time, please contact us so we can investigate.
First, we are really sorry and surprised our product quality has not met your expectations. We are always attentive to the best quality of our products and that our customers are fully satisfied with it, so we consider any issue as a priority. Please contact us for giving us more information about the product quality so we can investigate.

Crystallization can be seen quite often in AAS due to temperature variations during storage and shipping. There is nothing wrong since active substance is not altered.

Manufacturers commonly suggest the following:

1) Put your product in boiling water, on SLOW fire in pan. The pan should be high, a sauce pan will do the job. Water should not be above the vial tap. Start with boiling it for 2-3 minutes.

2) After 2-3 minutes, take the vial and shake it. Shake it hard. Continue to boil it for an other 2-3 minutes, shake it again. If the gear is still crashed increase the time to 5 minutes.

In case your product is damaged when you get delivered, please make a picture and upload it on a website like https://imgur.com/upload and send us the link. Always check your package when received and notice us any issue with it.

Something missing in your order? Please first check if your order was supposed to be delivered all at once or if several shipping has been scheduled for it. For example, if you order from different warehouses, you will get different packages. Sometimes, a warehouse might delay a product because of low stock but ship all others to you. There is nothing else to do, only wait for the warehouse to ship the missing item when ready.

If you are now sure that no other package would arrive to you and that something has been forgotten at any step, please contact us so we can investigate.

If you received wrong items in your package, we apologize and are sorry for this inconvenience. Please make a photo and upload it on a website like https://imgur.com/upload and send us the link while contacting us. Please note that all our products are photographed before they are placed in the package so we will be able to confirm the mistake. We will see together how to shortly resolve any missing product.
If you receive amps instead of vials in your order, we apologize and are sorry for this inconvenience. During a peak season, and in case of stock outage for vials, the warehouse's shipping department could decide to change vials for amps and vice versa. If than happens and if you are not happy with it, please contact us so we can discuss together about what could solve the issue.

If your package was lost or seized, simply contact us so we can investigate and discuss together for the best option we can offer.

Please note that we never refund directly any order but we can, in some case, add your refund as a credit in your Virtual Wallet only.


We only send promos and samples through our giveaways and contests initiated on popular forums and boards. We also reserve some for our best customers or sponsors as special gifts according to our loyalty system.
By purchasing on Blackroids or/and by sponsoring us, you already get a huge cashback in your Virtual Wallet from the beginning. Yes you read it right, since your first order or referral order you get rewarded. On top of that, we are running different promos and giveways almost all the time, so we cannot afford more discounts. Anyway, if you think you can have a really interesting deal with us that worth getting a special offer, please contact us and lets see what we could arrange.

For every order you place and pay on Blackroids, you get immediate 20% cashback in your Virtual Wallet. You also get in your Virtual Wallet 15% cashback on the amount of ALL your referrals paid orders. There is no minimum order amount nor limit to raise for getting these rewards so your (or your referral) first order will give you such rewards.

On top of credits automatically added to your Virtual Wallet, you also get Customer or Sponsor points that give you badges and unlock some special features and advantages on our website, such as special discounts, or some free shipping gifts and some help and credits for sponsoring us.

So in short, remember that for every € (or equivalent in $ / £) spent on Blackroids (excluded shipping costs) you get 20% cashback plus 20 Customer points for 100 € (or equivalent in $ / £) spent, and 15% cashback plus 15 Sponsor points for 100 € (or equivalent in $ / £) on each of your referrals total orders.

You can learn more about our loyalty program on our dedicated CASHBACK and REFERRAL pages.

When you get 20% cashback from your purchases or 15% reward from your referrals’ paid orders, it goes directly to your account's Virtual Wallet. You can use your Virtual Wallet credits as often as you want, to partially or fully (if enough credits) pay any order.

You can also keep your Virtual Wallet as it is and ask us for a BTC (Bitcoin) withdrawal once your Virtual Wallet reached the amount of 1,500€ (or equivalent in $ / £).

There is no upper limit for your Virtual Wallet, only a minimum for be eligible to a BTC withdraw.

No, at the moment you only get 15% of your referrals' purchases, and it's already a lot! Think about how much you can earn by sponsoring only a few good customers... If your referral sponsors someone, he will get 15% on their orders but we actually cannot give you any reward for that. Keep purchasing on our website and get more referrals purchasing here are the best ways to get more income with us.
Of course, when you are sponsored you can enjoy the same benefits than every customer. When you place and pay your order on our website, you get 20% cashback, and your sponsor gets 15% of your purchases. Now if you sponsor some friends who place orders with us, you will get 15% on their every orders (but your sponsor will not earn anything from your referral's purchases).

If you received a discount coupon, for example because you are a sponsor’s affiliate, it remains available in your account until you use it. In most cases, every coupon can be only used once and disappears after you used it. If you think you should be able to use a coupon but it doesn’t work, please contact us with some details so we can investigate.

If you observe something wrong using your Virtual Wallet or any loyalty rewards and history, please contact us so we can check it together and solve any issue.

If your order is still in “Pending Payment” or “Quote Refresh Needed” status, and you didn’t send us any payment for it, you can still cancel your order and replace it using your coupon code. But in case your order payment has already been sent and confirmed then we cannot change it anymore. You can keep your coupon code for your next order or contact us for any special request.

You can get rewards in your Virtual Wallet if you post nice reviews about your experience with Blackroids on reputed boards and forums. Simply post a good review about us and send us the link that let us see it so we can validate you contribution. Once we validate this contribution and depending on your review quality we will credit your Virtual Wallet.

For more details about how you can get rewards for reviewing us, please read more here.


If you already are a registered user, you can simply login and open a ticket from our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or contact page. We only allow users to contact us through our Ticket system so every request is treated as a ticket. If you are not registered yet, you can submit a ticket as a guest by only filling in your email address that will register you on our website. We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a maximum of a few hours. Every reply from our support team will notify you by email.
Our support team always does its best to process every ticket and reply in the shortest delays. But sometimes it can take longer for us to treat all our support requests within a few hours, so we are sorry for any inconvenience. Our ticket system is efficient so you do not need to worry, every ticket submitted will be seen and checked as soon as possible.
If you noticed something wrong or that may look like an error, please contact us. We thank you in advance and will be grateful for your help.
We are open to any suggestions or recommendations. Please contact us for any idea you might want to submit, we will read and consider each one. Thank you!

If you notice something is not working properly on our website please let us know. If you can’t reach our website or experience any connection issue please also try using another device or location and contact us if the issue is lasting for a while. We apologize for any inconvenience you may encounter on our website.

If an “Under Maintenance” notice is displayed, it means that we are currently under technical maintenance and we will get back online soon. Sorry for any inconvenience but some maintenance is mandatory to keep our website safe and to ensure you the best experience while using it. Expect our maintenance to be done and our website to be back usually within a few minutes only, rarely hours, so please get back on it later.

We always welcome any motivated partners and suggestions. You can already help us a lot and make a comfortable income with us by promoting us using our referral system. If you think you can help us to grow even bigger and faster, please feel free to contact us and explain your proposal. We will truly consider all!
We are always happy to read good things about us. We are grateful and proud to receive thankful messages but it will be even better if you write it on boards like Eroids, Trustpilot and any online reputation website. According to our review discount offer, you can even get credits in your Virtual Wallet by posting good reviews about us.

If you didn’t find the right answer to your question in our FAQ, feel free to ask us for further information.
To submit a ticket, you must be registered on Blackroids.
Login below if you already have an account with us or register a new account.


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