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Shipping cost40 €
Shipping toWorldwide.
Cannot ship toCanada, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, South and central America, Germany.

If your order includes products from other warehouses, you will be charged additional shipping costs. We therefore advise you to limit the number of warehouses to limit shipping costs.

Brands available in this warehouse Kalpa Pharmaceuticals
Shipped from Asia
Validation of your payment 24 to 72 hours (excluding weekends) after sending your proof of payment.
Package preparation and shipping 48 to 72 hours (excluding weekends) after validation of your payment.
Transit and delivery in Europe 3 to 10 days in Europe
Transit and delivery Oversea Additional delay may occur during shipping, depends of the country, 5 to 15 days.
We send you the tracking number 2 to 5 days after shipping the package (sometimes the first update of postal status can take up to a week).

We deliver your items to you in a discreet package that has nothing to do with the actual content of your order, without a sticker, logo or other brands that might suggest the content of the package. The name will not appear on your package, on your bank account, or on any invoice or declaration.

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Learn more about warehouses and shipping restrictions on our shipping and delivery page.

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