Virtual Wallet Credit

Your Virtual Credit is fed through many different ways. You can receive some special credit by events like creating new customer account, or get 20% cash back on every paid order you place, 15% reward of all your referrals paid orders as well. All these events will automatically credit virtual money in your virtual wallet.

But for our dear customers who prefer to credit their virtual wallet first to use it anytime to pay any order (instead of having to send payment during the ordering process), we offer the products below.

So here are the rules:

  • You can purchase Virtual Wallet Credit anytime.
  • When you purchase a wallet credit, you get the same amount that you pay, directly credited in to your Virtual Wallet.
  • This credit never expires (unless you spend it).
  • Once credited to your Virtual Wallet, you can pay partially or fully any order.
  • You can purchase as many credit products as you want and mix this credit with any other credit amount or product.
  • There is no commission or fee for this credit.
  • Like any other product on our store, purchasing a Wallet Credit also gives you 20% cash back in your Virtual Wallet. For example, if you purchase a 200€ credit, you will receive 240€ in your virtual wallet! And when your referrals purchase some credit, you also get 15% reward of it like for any paid order they place.

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