Clenbuterol 40

40mcg/tabs - Box of 100 tablets
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Name Clenbuterol 40
Brand Dragon Pharma
Warehouse Asia 2
Category Weight Loss
Substance Clenbuterol
Molecule Clenbuterol hydrochloride
Ingredients Clenbuterol HCL
Concentration 40mcg/tabs
Commendation Box of 100 tablets
Presentation 100 Tabs (Total box 4000mcg)


Description coming soon…


Between 20-200mcg/day For 8-10 weeks

Beginner Intermediate Advanced Female
20-120mcg/day for 8-10 weeks 40-160mcg/day for 8-10 weeks 80-200mcg/day for 8-10 weeks 20-120mcg/day for 8-10 weeks


Recommended protections for this product
Protection During Treatment (PDT) N/A
How to protect myself if I am a beginner? N/A
Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) N/A
Can be stacked with Can be stacked with all products (except DNP And ephedrine)
Level Suitable for all users

General protections sheet

See all protections on our general Protections page.


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