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How to sponsor your friends and get 15% of their orders

With Blackroids, you can earn 15% cashback from your referrals orders and many other rewards by sponsoring us.
It is totally free, you don’t even need to place any order with us or pay any fee.
You only need to register on Blackroids to get access to all the tools available for sponsoring us.

You can register on Blackroids here.

Just chose a username, write your email address, and chose password. We recommend you choosing a strong password (and save/remember it safely).
Once registered you will be redirected to your account dashboard.
This dashboard is the same whether you are connected as a customer or a sponsor, since you can be both and enjoy advantages of being rewarded on your purchases as well as on your referrals orders.

Directly on your dashboard and on Loyalty and rewards tab, you can find 2 ways of getting referrals, by sending sponsoring emails, or by using a custom referral link that is unique for your account.

1- Sponsoring by email:

Look after the section called “Email Sponsorship”
This is where you can simply write email addresses you want to receive your sponsoring.

You can write as many email addresses as you want, separate by commas, but we recommend not exceeding a few ones (say 5) at a time, or your request may be considered as a spam.

Once you click on the submit button, all the recipients you just added will receive an email similar to this:

“Your name” wants you to know Blackroids
Register and enjoy the reward below with your next order.
+ special welcome gift of 3€ (or equivalent in $ / £) will be credited to your account.
5% discount coupon for any order
Click here to register

So when someone clicks on the link to register from your email, Blackroids will know this new customer is coming from your email (thanks to a unique referral link) and once registered, he will get an immediate 3€ (or equivalent in $ / £) credit added to his account virtual wallet, available for discount for any purchase on Blackroids.
In addition, a 5% discount coupon will also be added to your referral account for use on any future order on Blackroids but can be used only once.

2- Sponsoring by referral link:

Look after the section called “Sponsorship Link”.

There you can find a referral link starting with https://blackroids.com/ and containing ?referral=”your personal unique referral id”.
All you have to do is simply copy this whole link and use it anywhere you want, on a blog you own or manage, on forums, as an hyperlink for any banner you may use to promote Blackroids, feel free to use it anywhere you like but always being fair and loyal. We will not let you get referral rewards if we see you used some fake promotion or abusively advertise fake promotions about Blackroids. You are responsible for using this link the most honestly and legally.

So what happens if someone clicks on your referral link or banner?

Exactly the same way as for an email sponsorship, Blackroids will know that this new user is coming from your recommendation, and since this new visitor registers a new account on Blackroids, he will get an immediate 3€ (or equivalent in $ / £) credit added to his account virtual wallet, available for discount for any purchase on Blackroids, and a 5% discount coupon will also be added to his account for use on any future order on Blackroids but can be used only once.

How do I get rewards from my referrals?

That is the most exciting part! Whether your referral(s) arrived through email or link sponsorship, they get discount and coupons but you of course also earn from them.
Once a user is registered as your referral, every order he place will give you 15% of the total amount he spent, directly in your account virtual wallet. Yes you read it right! There is no limit, you can even be the unique sponsor for hundreds of referrals and get 15% on their every orders, lifetime!

Will I really get 15% of my referrals orders?

Yes, 15% of their order total after but shipping costs and all discounts being deducted.
You will not receive 15% of money they didn’t spent on Blackroids, such as discount coupons, special rewards, but also shipping costs.

How can I use this money I received by sponsoring Blackroids?

Since all your referral rewards will be credited on your account Virtual Wallet, you can freely use it at any time to partially or fully pay your orders on Blackroids. Same as for any customer, you can assign an amount of your virtual wallet at checkout step while placing an order.

But listen! You can also withdraw this money in BTC!

Yes, since your virtual wallet reached the total amount of 500 € (or equivalent in $ / £), you can ask us for withdrawing it to any BTC wallet (fees apply).
With this exclusive feature, you can earn money a lot by promoting and sponsoring Blackroids.

What else can I win by sponsoring Blackroids?

Every time you referrals spend money on Blackroids, you get rewards in your virtual wallet as described above. But also, you win “Sponsor points” giving you special badges depending on how much your referrals has spent since the beginning. Every time you reach a new level, you get a special badge, offering advantages like:
– Personal assistance with our sales team 5/7days.
– We can help you with banners, images, video, emailing… Grow as our sponsor and reach the next levels.
– You have an active online community, Blackroids can pay for advertising expenses up to 1000 € per month.

Start making money with Blackroids!

Get your link or share Blackroids to your friends from your account dashboard.

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